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Three types of slurry pump seal

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Three types of slurry pump seal have always been a problem for researchers to explore hard With the level of industrial production Impurity pump use is also expanding.Due to the particularity of the slurry pump delivery fluid

Often where the solid particles are larger

The harmfulness of the liquid is relatively severe

These substances are more common than the ordinary liquid on the shaft and seal corrosion and wear are more serious

Once the seal fails, there will be a leak

Directly affect the normal operation of the pump and pump efficiency Slurry pump seal in the form of three main:

Three types of slurry pump seal

1. Packing seal

The added filler is in full contact with the shaft

To prevent the transmission medium through, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing

This type of seal may cause corrosion of the filler when transporting corrosive material

So the drawbacks of this form of sealing is not able to transport toxic, corrosive liquids

2. Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is the dynamic ring and static ring by spring in close contact with the axial to achieve the purpose of sealing

Mechanical seal is reliable, almost no leakage

But in the installation should pay attention to protect the friction surface

Avoid wear

The seal is mainly used for conveying flammable and explosive, high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion of the liquid

Make up for the lack of packing seal

3. Expeller seal

The Expeller seal is the expeller force through the reverse centrifugal force

To prevent liquid leakage

Pay the expeller seal without shaft seal water, do not dilute the slurry

This seal can be given priority in the absence of slurry

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