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Horizontal slurry pump pump body structure

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The pump body part is the core of the Horizontal slurry pump pump.

Slurry pump pump body structure:

Horizontal slurry pump pump body structure

The pump body section includes pump cover, impeller and shaft seal

The pump body and bracket are bolted connection

Depending on the requirements, the pump outlet position can be rotated at 45 °intervals by eight different angles.

The slurry pump cover has a double shell structure and a single shell structure

The outer shell of the double-shell structure is a metal pump housing (front pump housing, rear pump housing)

The material is usually HT200 or QT500-7

The inner shell can be made of high chromium alloy cast iron (including volute, front panel, rear panel)

Or made of rubber (including the front volute, after the volute)

Impeller by the front cover, rear cover, leaves, back leaves, the material is high chromium alloy cast iron

Shaft seal device with auxiliary impeller + packing seal, packing seal, mechanical seal three types

Pump body section maintenance:

1. Maintenance of the correct assembly, clearance adjustment is reasonable, no clutter friction phenomenon

2. To replace the wearing parts in time

3. Pump should not be long-term storage, when the long-term storage, should be used before dismantling maintenance

Remove the rust, replace the oil, replace the aging of the plastic parts and the loss of functional parts

4. Rubber parts should be stored in the indoor ventilation, and the  storage period is not easy too long, so as not to affect the aging of  life

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