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TSP(R) Sump Slurry pumps

  • Pump Type: Vertical
  • Power(KW): 15-200
  • Size: 40mm-300mm
  • Capacity: 17.28-1267 m³/h;Head : 4-40 m
  • Applications: Mining,Coal,Power station,Chemical
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Product Detail

TSP(R) Vertical sump Slurry pump

TSP(R) Vertical Slurry pumps are vertical centrifugal slurry pump that in liquid to handle abrasive ,large particle high concentration slurries. It can operate normally without shaft gland and shaft gland water, even lack of intake. TSP pump body is made form antifriction metal, the impeller is made from antifriction metal or rubber and polyurethane. Submerged parts of the TSPR pump coated rubber for tranTsportation corrosive slurry. This type pump is suitable for mining, chemical treatment, waste water treatment, gravel and general process application.

The type of "L" letter is a submerged pump with long axis series. It can be applied to a deep liquid working condition. This pump increases the structure of the guide bearing on the basis of the standard pump, and runs smoothly and widely. But it is necessary to attach flushing water to the part of the guide bearing.


(1) Commonly used to convey high-viscosity slurries with highly abrasive,coarse particles.

(2) Fully elastomer lined or hard metal fitted

(3) Double suction semi-open impeller

(4) No submerged bearing or packing

(5) Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator available

(6) TSP(R) models feature full rubber covering for corrosion resistance

(7) Can be run in insufficient suction duties

TSP(R) Sump slurry pump water performance



The vertical sump pump is widely used in feeding slurries to the hydrocyclone or pressure filter in the mining industry, froth floatation, minerals recycling, mine dewatering, flue gas desulphurization in power plant, coal washing, metallurgy, pulp and paper manufacture, and chemical engineering.

TSP(R) Vertical sump Slurry pump applications

Installation Types

DC: The motor mounting base is set above the bearing assembly, so it is easy to replace or repair themotor parts.

BD: A V-belt is used to connect the motor shaft and the pump shaft. The motor support frame is installedabove the bearing assembly, allowing easy replacement of grooved wheels. The purpose of swappinggrooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump shaft in order to suit varying pumpingaplications or conform to the worn-down sump pump.

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Sump Slurry Pump structure

Sump Slurry Pump structure


Sump slurry pump selection chart


Material List

Vertical sump slurry pumps Material List

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