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Slurry pump Throat bush

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Throat bush is one of wet parts of slurry pumps. It links plate liner and forms a Pump chamber to work with impeller.

As a China-based slurry pump manufacturer, we provide a broad range of throat bushs, including froth pump throat bush, medium/light duty slurry pump throat bush, vertical sump pump throat bush ,sand pump throat bush,dredge pump throat bush and FGD(flue gas desulfurization) pump  throat bush or customized  throat bush.

Metal Slurry pump Throat bush

Metal-Slurry pump Throat bush

Rubber Slurry pump Throat bush

Rubber-Slurry pump Throat bush


Hard Metal

  1. T05(KmTBCr26) is a wear resistant white iron that offers excellent performance under erosive conditions. The alloy can be effectively used in a wide range of slurry types. The high wear resistance of alloy Cr27 is provided by the presence of hard carbides within its micro-structure. Alloy Cr27 is particularly suited to applications where mild corrosion resistance, as well as erosion resistance is required.

  2. T07(Cr15Mo3) Marten-sic white iron with moderate erosion resistance.

  3. T49 is suitable for low PH corrosion duties, where erosive wear is also a problem. The alloy is particularly suitable for Flue Gas Desulphu-rization(FGD) and other corrosive applications, where the pH is less than.

  4. The alloy can also be used in other mildly acidic environments. T49 has an erosion resistance similar to that of Ni-Hard 1.


R26  R08  R55  R33 S01  EPDM  S31 S44


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