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SIC Ceramic Pump

  • Pump Type: Ceramic, Centrifugal, Horizontal, Vertical, Heavy duty
  • Power(KW):
  • Size: 25~900mm
  • Capacity: 5~16000m³/h m³/h;Head : 5~124m m
  • Applications: Mining,coal industry,power station,Chemical industry
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Product Detail

Advantages of silicon carbide (SIC) ceramic pumps


SIC served as a kind of mature anti-wear material , and has the features of high hardness,  stable molecular structure, and good performance of anti-abrasion, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance etc. It has been widely applied for mine, metallurgy, electricity, chemical  engineering etc. In slurry pump industry, the working condition are mostly with high corrosion and abrasion, which are quite terrible. That requires material of flow-through parts to be endowed with  favorable anti- abrasion and anti-corrosion performance, while SIC ceramic is the best choice. Developed by RUITE, the production of silicon carbide ceramic pumps has high efficiency, long service life, overall cost reduction It can replace the original imported pumps and other domestic materials.

SIC Ceramic Wet Parts



· It has good chemical stability, can resist the corrosion of almost all inorganic acids, organic acids and alkali, and has excellent oxidation resistance;

· Extremely wear-resistant, 3-5 times higher than high-chromium wear-resistant steel;

· Excellent corrosion resistance-all kinds of acids, alkali and chemicals except hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated alkali can withstand;

· Good impact resistance, can resist the impact of large particle materials and steel balls;

· Wide temperature range, -40℃ to 90℃ can be used for a long time, the maximum operating temperature can reach 110℃.



  The crystal structure of SIC is same as regular tetrahedron of diamond, and it is also a compound mainly combined together by covalent bond. In fact, the hardness of SiC is next to that of diamond.Tested by XJTU, the anti-wear performance is 3.51 times that of Cr30.






Pump Type




Mill Pump, cyclone feed pump, tailings delivery pump, concentrate pump, thickener underflow pump, filter press feed pump

ASP Series Ceramic Pump

SPT Series Vertical Ceramic Pump

Environmental protection

Coal-fired power generating



Desulfurization slurry circulation pump, mill slurry pump, limestone slurry pump, gypsum discharge pump, accident pump, pulse suspension pump, pit pump, wet smelting slurry pump, ammonia desulfurization pump

LCT Series Ceramic Pump

LCS Series Circulation Pump

SPT Series Vertical Ceramic Pump

Chemical Industry

Salt/alkali/phosphorus chemical industry and other kinds of highly corrosive pump

LCT Series Ceramic Pump

SPT Series Vertical Ceramic Pump

SIC Ceramic Pump Series


Performance Range

ASP Series Heavy-duty Ceramic Slurry Pump

Q: 2~2800m³/h

H: 5~124m

Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 25~450mm

Structural Characteristics

The pump head and the bracket are connected by bolts, and the pump outlet angle can be rotated as needed to achieve 

multi-stage connection.

The sintered ceramic of silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide is used for the wet parts, which is suitable for the 

medium with strong abrasiveness and large solid content.

The pump bracket is provided with adjustment bolts. By turning the adjustment bolts mounted on the bracket to drive the 

axial displacement of the bearing box, the wheel clearance can be adjusted to ensure that the pump always runs at a high 

efficiency point.

The temperature measuring device is designed at the bearing position, which is convenient for the data collection of the 

on-site DCS control system.

In view of the characteristics of abrasive corrosive slurry, the mechanical seal adopts a structure with an external spring to

avoid clogging; a static ring-compensating structure is adopted to adapt to the pump type with large shaft 

diameter and high linear velocity.



Performance Range

LCT Series Wear-resistant and Corrosion-resistant Ceramic Pump

Q: 5~16000m³

H: 2~80m

Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 25~900mm

Structural Characteristics

The integral casting design and frame plate of the impeller, and casting of the wet parts, where the parts in contact with the 

fluid medium are made of ceramic materials, have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance;

With acial adjustment structure, the impeller can facilitate the axial adjustment to maintain the gap between the impeller 

and the throatbush, thereby maintaining the high efficiency of the pump;

The layout of the pump is a “post-pull” structure. In this way, the pump does not need to disassembling the impeller, 

mechanical seal and bearing assembly, which is convenient for maintenance;

The pump shaft has a large diameter and short shaft head, which can reduce the deflection of the shaft during operation 

and extend the service life of the seal;

Use lubricated bearings. The bearing is installed in a detachable bearing box with a rubber seal ring for auxiliary sealing to 

prevent dirt and water from entering;

All parts of the pump that are in contact with the medium are made of silicon carbide ceramic, which is wear-resistant and 

corrosion-resistant to ensure a long service life of the pump;

Designed with an axial adjustment device to adjust the axial flow parts, and always maintain efficient point operation;

There is a large conical space between the impeller and the cover plate, which can effectively prevent the solid medium 

from entering the shaft seal and increase the life of the shaft seal;

The shaft adopts rigid design, and the bearings adopt roller bearings and radial thrust bearings, which can bear large radial

forces to ensure the stable operation of rotating parts.


Performance Range

SPT series vertical ceramic pumps

Q: 5~1089m³/h

H: 2~45m

Inlet/Outlet Diameter: 40~300mm

Structural Characteristics

Adopt vertical cantilever structure.

Adopt silicon carbide ceramic impeller with disassembly ring to facilitate disassembly of impeller.

The wet parts are made of ceramic material, which has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and improved 

the overall service life of the pump.

Simple bearing components are selected with high-capacity bearings, and the bearings are greased.

The gap between the impeller and the plate liner insert can be adjusted to ensure the efficient operation of the pump.

No shaft seal is required.

The pump and the motor can be used with direct drive or V-belt drive.

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