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  • Rubber Frame Plate Liner

    Rubber Frame Plate Liner

    Slurry Pump Rubber Frame Plate Liner is the main wear parts for the rubber lined slurry pump. It forms a pump chamber with cover plate liner and throat bush to contact with slurries, As one of main wetted parts, Frame plate liner very easily worn-out components because it works under longtime impact of abrasive and corrosive slurries in the high speed conditions, So the materials is very crucial to lifetime of complete pump, Ruite provides a complete rubber materials selection for most all du...
  • Slurry Pump Expeller Ring

    Slurry Pump Expeller Ring

    Materials: HT250, High chrome, Rubber etc
    Part code: 029
    Pump model: AH(R), HH, L(R), G(H) etc

  • Slurry Pump Expeller

    Slurry Pump Expeller

    Slurry Pump Expeller is a very important slurry pump part if the expeller seal is selected for the slurry pump.