Centrifugal Desulfuration Pump in Power Plant

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Capacity: 1600-15000m³/h

Head: 5-94m

Power: 4-900kw

Size: 350-1000mm

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 DT Series FGD Gypsum Slurry Pump is a single stage, single suction horizontal centrifugal pump. Mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD system. It has the advantages of wide range capacity, high efficiency, better energy saving etc,The wetted parts are designed with the CFD fluid simulating analysis technology to ensure its high-efficiency operation. DT series FGD slurry pump is optimal pump type for transporting gypsum slurry, limestone slurry or other abrasive and corrosive medium in thermal power plants.

  • DT series desulfurization pump Structure 



  • DT Desulfurization Pump Performance Data
Model Max PowerKw Capacitym3/h Headm Speedr/min NPSHm Allowable MaxParticle mm Pump Weightkg
800DT-A90 900 3142-9700 6-28.7 300-592 2 181 5900
700DT-A84 630 2157-7360 5.2-24.5 300-591 2 168 5420
600DT-A82 500 1664-5600 5.2-27.8 300-595 2.2 152 4900
500DT-A85 400 1036-4080 5.7-26.8 300-591 3.1 135 4500
350DT-A78 500 720-2865 11.6-51.1 400-740 3.5 104 3700
300DT-A60 400 580-2403 8.9-53.1 490-989 4.3 96 2790
200DT-B45 90 138-645 5.7-31.0 490-990 2 51 1750
100DT-A50 90 62-279 9.3-44.6 490-980 2.1 30 1470
100DT-A35 75 77-323 8.8-45.9 700-1480 1.9 42 550
65DT-A40 55 34-159 12.2-63.2 700-1480 2.1 16 490
50DT-A30 18.5  16-78 6.1-36.3 700-1460 0.8 16 210


  • DT Desulfurization Pump Feature

High efficiency ,energy  saving, wear resisting, anti-corrosive, low noise and vibration,

Stable running Reliable operation Test strictly

Long service time convenient to repair

  • DT Desulfurization Pump Application example

Widely used in thermal power generation, aluminum smelting and refining industry desulfurization system transporting limestone or gypsum slurry.

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  • Desulfurization Pump Package and Shipping

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  • TH Cantilevered, Horizontal, Centrifugal Slurry Pump Material:

    Material Code Material Description Application Components
    A05 23%-30% Cr White Iron Impeller, liners, expeller, expeller ring, stuffing box
    A07 14%-18% Cr White Iron Impeller, liners
    A49 27%-29% Cr Low Carbon White Iron Impeller, liners
    A33 33% Cr Erosions & Corrosion Resistance White Iron Impeller, liners
    R55 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R33 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R26 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R08 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    U01 Polyurethane Impeller, liners
    G01 Grey Iron Frame plate, cover plate, expeller, expeller ring, bearing house, base
    D21 Ductile Iron Frame plate, cover plate, bearing house, base
    E05 Carbon Steel Shaft
    C21 Stainless Steel, 4Cr13 Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    C22 Stainless Steel, 304SS Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    C23 Stainless Steel, 316SS Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    S21 Butyl Rubber Joint rings, joint seals
    S01 EPDM Rubber Joint rings, joint seals
    S10 Nitrile Joint rings, joint seals
    S31 Hypalon Impeller, liners, expeller ring, expeller, joint rings, joint seals
    S44/K S42 Neoprene Impeller, liners, Joint rings, joint seals
    S50 Viton Joint rings, joint seals
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