8/6E-TG Gravel Pump, interchangeable with Warman pumps

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Size: 8″ x 6″
Capacity: 126-576m3/h
Head: 6-45m
NPSHr: 3-4.5m
Eff.: 60%
Power: Max.120kw

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8x6E-TG Gravel Pump is suitable for handling large particles at consistently high efficiency, resulting in lower costs. Casing is designed with a large volume internal profile to reduce associated velocities which prolong component life. Designed to pump extremely aggressive slurries with a wide particle distribution, With a range of G series gravel parts and different material combinations Dredge and Gravel pumps have the versatility to ensure the most appropriate pumping solution can be provided for any given application.

Design Features

•  The structure of TG series gravel pump is mainly single-casing and horizontal type, The outlet direction can be positioned 360°, easy to install.

•  Shaft Components adopt cylinder structure, which is convenient to adjust the gap between impeller and front wearing plate, The shaft uses grease lubrication.

•  Shaft Seal: packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal.

•  Broad flow passage & good anti-Cavitation property & highly efficient wear resistance.

•  The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-chrome wear-resistant alloys with good anti-corrosive property.

•  Variable speeds and modals to ensure smooth operation, Additionally, Long service life and high operation efficiency offer reliable performance in a tough operating environment.

8/6E G Sand Gravel Pump Performance Parameter


Max. Power P


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η

(% )



Impeller Dia.










8/6E-TG Gravel Pump Applications

• Gravels • Sands • Dredging • Sand Excavation
• Tunneling • Tunnel boring machine • Blast slag • Dredger
• Pipe-jacking system • Ash handing • Coal ash • Coarse sand
• Tailings • Stone • Waste sludge • Mineral processing
• Mining • Alumina Industry • Construction • Other industries


8×6 E-TG gravel pumps and spares are only interchangeable with Warman®  8×6 E-G gravel pumps and spares.

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  • TH Cantilevered, Horizontal, Centrifugal Slurry Pump Material:

    Material Code Material Description Application Components
    A05 23%-30% Cr White Iron Impeller, liners, expeller, expeller ring, stuffing box
    A07 14%-18% Cr White Iron Impeller, liners
    A49 27%-29% Cr Low Carbon White Iron Impeller, liners
    A33 33% Cr Erosions & Corrosion Resistance White Iron Impeller, liners
    R55 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R33 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R26 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    R08 Natural Rubber Impeller, liners
    U01 Polyurethane Impeller, liners
    G01 Grey Iron Frame plate, cover plate, expeller, expeller ring, bearing house, base
    D21 Ductile Iron Frame plate, cover plate, bearing house, base
    E05 Carbon Steel Shaft
    C21 Stainless Steel, 4Cr13 Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    C22 Stainless Steel, 304SS Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    C23 Stainless Steel, 316SS Shaft sleeve, lantern ring, lantern restrictor, neck ring, gland bolt
    S21 Butyl Rubber Joint rings, joint seals
    S01 EPDM Rubber Joint rings, joint seals
    S10 Nitrile Joint rings, joint seals
    S31 Hypalon Impeller, liners, expeller ring, expeller, joint rings, joint seals
    S44/K S42 Neoprene Impeller, liners, Joint rings, joint seals
    S50 Viton Joint rings, joint seals